Laser welding

Curti Lamiere srl, in the belief that only through research and development can overcome the crisis, it’s pleased to announce the purchase of a new high-tech facility laser welding.

This robotic system uses the technology of laser, complementary CO2 laser already in our possession that will allow us to meet all requirements as regards both aesthetic and deep welds (we can melt and unify the materials to a depth of 4 mm).

The flexibility of this type of welding, combined with the speed and cleanliness of the process, make it essential to bring down costs and put on the market with innovative products.

The peculiarity of the laser beam is to concentrate a great energy on a very small surface (a few tenths of a millimeter), this allows you to weld in a much localized mode at a remarkable speed , thereby reducing the heat input, earning the nickname of “cold welding”.