The story behind a unique piece is the pursuit of perfection.

This is Curti Lamiere: a factory built on the prototype model.


Mario Curti was the first to implement it in 1969, and from the very first factory the foundations were established for the industrial production of unique pieces, putting all his craftsmanship into it.
What followed was a succession of technologies that have expanded and specialized production.


Highly specialized production requires a space tailored to excellence.Curti Lamiere laid the foundations for its own development 1975 by settling into a new production plant,  built with the future in mind. That same space is still the company headquarters today..


In the early 90s, 2D laser cutting was the technological jewel among other innovations that make a special difference. The Trumpf was a combined laser/punching machine, the first machine ever used in Italy, with the Trumpf 2D laser system equipped in the Stopa automatic warehouse, another first for Italy and the company, arrives at Curti Lamiere.


3D laser technology enters the production system multiplying the possibilities. Curti confirmed its pioneering soul by installing the first Prima Industrie 3D plant in the entire Emilia Romagna Region.


The company grows and becomes Curti Lamiere snc with the arrival of new partners, while remaining in the family.


The Curti family invests once again and cements the company’s commitment to quality. It also adds an LVD press brake with Fanuc robot interlocking and a Trumpf 3D fiber laser welding system to the existing systems, the first in Emilia Romagna.


A second Prima Industrie 3D fiber laser cutting and welding plant (the first in Emilia Romagna) enters the production line. This includes a new 2D 4000 X 2000 Mazak laser system, an LVD Toolcell bending machine (also the first in Emilia Romagna) and 2 Universal Robot collaborative robots. The digitalization of the production phases begins and the Curti Metallo, brand is born, a line of furnishings born from the collaboration between some of Italy’s emerging designers, and the unique creation ability of the Curti family.


Curti Lamiere's 50th birthday is an opportunity to retrace the moments that made the company's history so unique together with the family, customers and partners. Everyone was invited to a party that included an exhibition of paintings by Mario Curti. Music, technology and art: a special tribute to the entrepreneurial grandfather, the original architect of the dream that became a reality - a unique company in the metal sector.


The digital revolution transforms the production cycle and Curti Lamiere reaches Industry 4.0. Production expands with the introduction of a LVD robotic bending machine, and the opening of a carpentry department, to polish and apply a satin finish to the pieces. Today’s production cycle is digitally programmed and guided, but always with the guidance of our metal artisans. Advanced technology for Curti Lamiere means creating more solutions, having greater control of results, matched with more quality and cost optimization.


It has been a year of great challenges. The pandemic has severely tested our organizational structure more than once. Every difficulty has been overcome with the dedication typical of the family and staff of Curti. Covid has not, in any case, proved an obstacle to our investment roadmap: the new Trumpf Trulaser Cell 7040 is on the way.